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If you are interested in 2020 kids, take a look at our breeding plan.


Terms and Conditions

At Still Waters Farm, we strive to maintain the healthiest herd possible.

We grow our own hay and provide grain and mineral supplements, striving to give our goats a robust nutrional profile. During the summer they go out to a carefully maintained pasture, and during the winter they have shelter with deep bedding and plenty of hay.  We pay particular attention to management of parasites. We are careful to buy replacement stock from tested herds. Our goats are tested annually for CAE. We have no history of abscess disease or chronic wasting. Our Mini Nubian bucks have tested as non-carriers of G6S.

We are constantly seeking to improve our management practices!

All goats are sold "as is".

No warranty is expressed or implied.

We cannot hold a goat without a deposit.

$50 is standard for breeding stock, $25 for pet wethers.

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