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Bucks for Sale

Terms of Service

At Still Waters Farm, we strive to maintain the healthiest herd possible. We grow our own hay and provide grain and mineral supplements, aiming to give our goats a robust nutritional profile. During the summer they go out to a carefully maintained pasture, and during the winter they have shelter with deep bedding and plenty of hay. We pay particular attention to management of parasites. We are careful to buy replacement stock from tested herds. Our goats are tested for CAE. We have no history of abscess disease or chronic wasting. We are constantly seeking to improve our management practices!

All goats are sold "as is". 

No warranty is expressed or implied.

We cannot hold a goat without a $50 deposit. 



Buyers are expected to have permanent goat fencing - at minimum a holding pen. Electric net for supervised grazing is ok, but they should have a safe place to be when you are not there. Electric netting is inherently risky; we have known more than one goat to strangle to death in it. Fencing panels or rolled fencing that is labeled for goats, horse no climb or chain link are the best options. Buyers are expected to provide shelter at all times and must own more than one goat. Goats are herd animals and will not be happy alone. This page is for the sale of breeding bucks. Companionship for bucks can be accomplished with another buck, a wether, or at minimum allowing the buck to live near the does.

Check out our other catalog pages for available does or wethers.


Nigerian Dwarf $500

SWF AL Moshe (*B)

Moshe is a 2021 buck registered with AGS. His sire and dam are registered with ADGA, and if you register Moshe with ADGA, he should be a *B. At no fault of his own, Moshe was not picked up last year, and we held on to him. We are downsizing in anticipation of our upcoming move and looking to find a herd for this buck to serve. A buck of this same breeding has been doing well at The Land of Milk and Honey Farm in Mississippi. See our Reference Herd page for information about Moshe's dam D & L Meadows Shoshana 4*M and his sire D & L Meadows VT Aleynu *B.


Nigerian Dwarf $500


Boaz is a 2017 buck out of D & L Meadows Shoshana 4*M and by Texas Barn Stars Angie's Beau. We have been thrilled with the kids out of this buck, and in fact, as I downsize and sell most of our Nigerian Dwarf herd, I will be retaining two doelings that I just can't let go. You can learn more about the sire and dam of this buck on our Reference Herd page. You may not recognize his sire's name, but he comes from a highly productive and accomplished lineage. Some of Boaz's progeny are on milk test. Boaz is registered with ADGA & AGS.


Mini Nubian $500

Still Waters Rhett Butler - F1

Rhett Butler is a 2016 first generation Mini Nubian out of Faithful Crown LFR Nutmeg by Texas Barn Stars Angie's Beau. You can learn about the parentage of this buck on our Reference Herd page. We have used Rhett Butler for a few years, and he has produced beautiful does. Over the past few years we have downsized our herd in order to retain several daughter's from Rhett Butler. We are excited with the direction he has taken our herd. In anticipation of our move, we have retained a 2nd generation son, and we are looking for a home where Rhett can continue to positively impact the breed. Rhett does not have G6S mutation.

Cashmere $500

WBF Marvin is a majestic white cashmere buck out of WBF Lilly by CWF Hampton. We have collected Marvin's DNA and fiber samples to participate in the Langston University research project being conducted in collaboration with the Cashmere Goat Association. Because we are moving a fair sized herd interstate, and cashmere bucks are large with wide horns, we have elected to retain one of Marvin's sons, and hope to rehome Marvin to someone who could use his services.

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