Breed Service

Keeping bucks isn't for everyone. We understand, and we're here to help. Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian bucks currently standing stud.

SPECIAL NOTE! Due to needing to clear our schedule to make time for our upcoming interstate move, we will only be taking repeat customers for the 2021 breeding season. We are putting a couple of our bucks up for sale. Check them out on the Sale Page.

Make sure to check out the contract at the bottom of the page.


Contract for Breed Service

Thank you for you interest in using one of our bucks for stud service this year. We have registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf and registered Mini Nubian bucks standing stud.  Our breeding season is August through December.



  1. The non-refundable fee for stud service is $50. This fee entitles you to one breeding and a paper service memo which you can present to your registry in order to register any kids produced from the breeding. If your doe does not settle, you are entitled to return for a repeat breeding within the same breeding season (winter rebreedings past December may be allowed at our decretion). (The fee is non-refundable with the exception of a buck being deemed infertile.)

  2. Please verify that the registration of the buck you wish to use will be accepted by your registry. If you require an ADGA online service memo, please let me know at the time of breeding. There is an additional $5 fee for this service.

  3. Please bring the registered name and registration number for your doe, so I can fill out the service memo. Please keep this for your records. We are doing a lot of breed service, and I cannot promise to be able to reproduce your service memo months (or years!) after the breeding.

  4. We do not offer boarding. You will need to bring your doe in standing heat. The buck will cover her, and you will take her back home. If you are waiting on natural heat, please contact me as soon as you notice it. Sometimes the window of opportunity is as little as 12 hours. I will accommodate you if possible. Please see number five for information about inducing heat.

  5. A lot of people are having luck using CIDRS to induce heat. The CIDR is a vaginal implant infused with progesterone. We insert the CIDR, count 2 weeks, pull the CIDR and then plan to breed the doe 50 hours after the CIDR is pulled. I sell the CIDRs for $8 (at my cost) and can insert them for you if you bring your doe by the farm

  6. I retain the right to refuse to breed a doe that I deem to be a poor candidate for breeding for any reason, including signs of poor health, deformity, or immaturity. I will not cover Nigerian Dwarf does with Mini Nubian herd sires.

  7. I do not require disease testing, but highly recommend you test annually for CAE, and are vigilant for signs of abscess disease (CL) or chronic wasting. If you bring a doe with abscesses or signs of infection, you will be asked to leave.

  8. We've offered breed service for several years without incident, however, it needs to be noted you breed at your own risk. We are not liable for any injury, disease or damage to yourself, animal or equipment cause by our bucks or facilities. Likewise, you are not liable for any injury, disease or damage your animal might cause to our person, animals or facilities.

  9. Your payment constitutes agreement to this contract.